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Detail:  Ben in the Sky with Inventions 2005 Falconer/Gunasegaram

_BUT_ ["we" were taught in freshman English honors/honours class _NEVER_ "ever" to "even" THINK of beginning an English-language sentence with the English word <but> BUT the Eminently English-language word _HOWEVER_ simply did not "work~in the case of _THIS_ Very English-language-sentence~"inside" "our" "fine artist" "heads"!] "The Universe" AND/OR "The Force" [as per Hollywood filmmaker George Lucas] AND/OR what USA Quakers [Members of The Religious Society of Friends:     http://merionfriends.org/     Quakers] refer to as "The Light" "all" "decided" AND/OR "conspired" "together" that "all" of _THIS_ [the above] was "insufficient" "sweetness" _AND_ "sent" Abby Csaplar:     http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/telegram/obituary.aspx?n=abby-csaplar&pid=187587057     STILL Very Much _ALIVE_ _IN_ CALENDAR YEAR TWO THOUSAND+SIX _BUT_ she [Abby Csaplar] had been experiencing "The" "Most" _EXCRUCIATING_ _PERSONAL_ _PHYSICAL_ _EXCRUCIATING_ _PAIN_~from HER "personal" PHYSICAL SELF to SEE FOR HER_SELF_ WITH HER OWN _TWO_ _EYES_ _WHILE_ she [Abby Csaplar] was herself experiencing "The" "Most" EXCRUCIATING +PERSONAL_ _PHYSICAL_ _PAIN_ to "see" Dr. Gunasegaram's/Isaac Falconer's kite sculpture installations _IN_ _PERSON_ WITH HER [Abby Csaplar's] OWN TWO EYES _IN_ CALENDAR YEAR TWO-THOUSAND AND SIX (2006).