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Shouting in Colour included 32 paintings and experimentally (phototype) manipulated works by Falconer/Gunasegaram.  What appears on these two pages is an "excerpt" and is in no way meant to suggest an inclusive catalog of the show.

Beverly Adler's [          https://www.facebook.com/beverly.adler.94          ] Grand-Blossom 1999 Falconer/ Gunasegaram 24" x  36" acrylic and inks on Japanese rice paper

Apple Segments, Blue Rivers, Purple Rivulets  1998 [nineteen ninety-eight]  Falconer/Gunasegaram 22" x 13" oil pastels + inks + Japanese rice paper on paper board.  Published in crossXconnect magazine volume 4, issue 3, June 1999
          by the University of Pennsylvania.  Purchased by Carol A. Reynolds, M.D. for her private art collection in Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

I was very struck by the intensity of the colors you use in your work, especially in the Apple Segments, Blue Rivers, Purple Rivulets piece.  I liked that one for the colors and its overall design.  My mother is a college art teacher, and she will sometimes have her studenst arrange and glue colored pieces of paper as an exercise in balance and design.  Apple Segments made me think of that assignment.
2002 Eileen Kinch

Apples in the Kitchen Sink at Indian Orchards 1998  Falconer/Gunasegaram  8"10" photograph

Beholding the Great Desire To End Genocide FOREVER 1998 Falconer/ Gunasegaram.  Inspired by a line from Robert Klein Engler's poem          Resurrection          36" x 24" acrylic + ink + oil pastel on rice paper

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Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) was founded by 9 (nine) Italian immigrants, in 1931 (nineteen thirty-one),
as a space of creative refuge at a time and place in USA history were barred from major artistic, academic, and scientific institutions.
"Today," Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) continues our mission of building community through art.