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_Humans! $tat! Please! Turn The Page On Giraffe Conservation!_
commissioned on behalf of "The One" The Only"
"The Singular" Giraffe Conservation Foundation
©2019 Falconer/Gunasegaram
19.00" (inches) x 19.50" (inches) x 2.00" inches
1453 pixels x 1687 pixels
100% eco-friendly-100% RECYCLED mixed media

_Pinwheel Of Joy 2019_(twenty-nineteen) Celebrating Maudie IN STAMPS_  commissioned on behalf of  Maudie Richie FAMILY 
©2019 Falconer/Gunasegaram
11.0" (inches) x 8.5" (inches) 3300 pixels x 2550 pixels mixed media

_Graham Ritchie's Eightieth Birthday Celebration 2018 (twenty-eighteen) IN STAMPS_
commissioned on behalf of Graham Ritchie FAMILY
©2018 Falconer/Gunasegaram
1.00" (inches) x 1.00" (inches)
115 pixels x 118 pixels
mixed media

One of a Kind Owl Luggage Tag mini sculpture commissioned on behalf of ANONYMOUS owllover113 ©2015 Falconer/ Gunasegaram 2.25" (inches) x 4.25" (inches) 6cm x 11cm acrylic paint + feathers + other mixed media

Luminous Abstract Expressionist Portrait of David S. Holmes, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 66045, USA ©2014 Falconer/ Gunasegaram 20" (inches) x 29.5" (inches) 58cm x 76cm acrylic paint + ink on  hand-made paper

Portrait of Lieutenant-General      Roméo Dallaire     Winner of 2014 Elie Wiesel Award CEREMONY: April 30th, 2014 at Holocaust Memorial  Museum, Washington, DC, USA. Award for valiantly trying to STOP the 1994 (calendar year nineteen ninety-four) GENOCIDE in Rwanda a _TRUE_ hero in a world of fakes ©2014 Falconer/ Gunasegaram 22" (inches) x 32" (inches) 56cm x 81cm acrylic paint + ink on  hand-made paper with the proverbial embedded flowers strewn at the feet of a _true_ hero. PLEASE! NOTE! Zero persons "located" "here" are Canadian nationals~either "now"~or "ever!"  THANK YOU!
Paintings ©1983 - Isaac Falconer / Dr. Saku Gunasegaram
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