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Anatomy of a Cloudburst [nicknamed _Portrait of Barbara Hansen_ by its owner Barbara Hansen]
Photograph 2017 Isaac Falconer/Dr. Saku Gunasegaram
2007 Isaac Falconer/Dr. Saku Gunasegaram. 
18" x 25" (46 x 64 cm) blue and silver acrylic paint on hand-made rice paper

"Where do I begin?  I want to say thank you a million times to you!....
I see so much in the movement of the work;  the seriousness of breathing God in and out
leading to the silver sparkled cross.  You captured my being (pulled in two directions)
in my life and the emotional stress I've been dealing with...your painting has a calming
effect on me....I will never forget you, or this beautiful act [painting] of love. 
You have melted my heart."
~ Barbara [Lietzke] Hansen, Keysville, Virginia, USA (2007)
owner of the painting