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  Venice transparence     ~is an interpretation (or translation) of the acrylic paint, oil pastel, and rice-paper in the art exhibit      "Five Coloured Thoughts"     in musical language for string quartet:        https://www.newmusicshelf.com/product/and-stars-will-appear/       in seven (7) movements: a prelude, a postlude and 5 movements in between.  The paintings were created first and the music was composed "after the paintings existed" as an "interpretation" of the paintings in musical tones, musical silences, and musical rhythms.     Venice transparence     ~is dedicated by Roger Zahab:     http://www.music.pitt.edu/faculty/zahab      "to" Isaac Falconer and (Dr.) Saku Gunasegaram. 

The CD-ROM of     Venice transparence     combines images of the five (5) paintings which inspired this music,
together with the original contemporary classical music interpretations in a flash program format.
The flash program formatting was completed by Beau (Jason) Dickey in Portland, Oregon on Friday, June 25
, 2004 (in calendar year two thousand+four).
The programming was effected with cutting-edge technology (cutting edge in calendar year 2004 that is) which means the CD-ROM can be played on
regular CD players in cars and living rooms, as well as on Macintosh computers and a wide range of PC's. 
This technology is different than that used for creating DVD's.  This CD-ROM cannot be played on a DVD player.

Venice transparence 2004 (calendar year two thousand+four) Roger Zahab BMI was recorded in its entirety (28 minutes and 31 seconds)
[     http://www.music.pitt.edu/faculty/zahab     ]
on February 16, 2004 (in calendar year 2004)  in     Bellefield Hall Auditorium at The University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.     I. gondola (2:51) II. transparent life (4:36) III. respiration (5:52) IV. dance (4:24) V. a new leaf (1:42) 
VI. two swim in leaf (3:24) VII....and stars will appear (5:43)

violins:  Roger Zahab and Mary Beth Glasgow Schotting.  viola:   Regina Ketter.  cello:  David Russell
recording engineer:  Burkhardt Reiter. producer:  Robert Frankenberry.
all electronic media: Beau Dickey of mbfmedia.com
To listen to a 0.8 MB-size MP3 file of the track entitled     a new leaf     , click on the link. 
Be patient if you have a slow connection.

To play this MP3 track you must first download and install a helper application or plugin
such as     QuickTime,     Windows Media Player     or RealPlayer     .

Venice transparence     ~is an interpretation (or translation) of the Isaac Falconer paintings by  the contemporary classical music composer  Roger Zahab.  It is not a commissioned work.  Anyone interested in examining the veracity of this statement may consult the "Isaac Falconer/(Dr.) Saku Gunasegaram" archive which is part of the
     Archive on Women Artists     at the     National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) Library & Resource Center     (Archivist:  Stacey Flatt) on public record, located in Washington, DC, The United States Of America.  The record there was submitted while this project was in progress.  
This was essentially a creative endeavour between fellow artists, and not a project between an artist and a non-artist, as is the case in almost all commissioned work.  The music was written as a "response" to the paintings in the exhibition     "Five Coloured Thoughts."     The dedication of     Venice transparence     by its composer "to" the fine artist whose five paintings were featured in the exhibit was also a spontaneous gesture, and naturally, unsolicited by the artist herself.  Though unsolicited, and a complete surpise, the dedication made by the composer [     http://www.music.pitt.edu/faculty/zahab     ] is nonetheless welcomed with joy.

NOTE:  It is a widely and generally understood practice in the arts that payment for "commissioned" work is made after the work is completed and approved by the person making the commission.  It is also generally understood and accepted as practice that the price for a commissioned work is set prior to the onset of work by the artist. 
There was no price set, or discussed in any way by the composer, in advance for this work, at its' inception in 2003 two thousand+three).
  It was not "approved" by any one - other than by the composer himself  - since this was a creative collaboration.

The postlude,     "...and stars will appear,"            https://www.newmusicshelf.com/product/and-stars-will-appear/          premiered on September 11, 2003 (in calendar year two thousand+three) in Heinz Chapel at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA:     http://www.heinzchapel.pitt.edu/      in the concert     "Meditations in Music."