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Anatomy Of A Cloudburst nicknamed Portrait of Barbara Hansen by its owner.  PICTURED: "On Location" at the home of the owner's private residence USA~with precious grand daughter~photographed in calendar year 2017 (twenty-seventeen).

Blueberry Sunshine nicknamed Sunrise by its owner.  PICTURED: "On Location" at the home of the owner's private residence USA~packed up on July 30th, 2014 while the owner prepares to move abroad to find a "new, wonderfully appropriate home" for his precious painting.

Ben in the Sky with Inventions
[Part of the Main Line Art Center Exhibit Kites:  Art Takes Flight] on public display at Radnor Financial Center
150 N. Radnor-Chester Road
Radnor, Pennsylvania 19087-5252, USA.
MOVING EXPERIENCE:  Abby Csaplar enduring intense+unrelenting physical pain to travel out of her way~instead of traveling directly "home" to Massachusets~taking an hours-on-end-detour to see this sculpture "in person."

The inspiring Dolores Viero  who made the exhibits in Venice possible in 2001 and in 2002, Venice, ITALY

Poster for "Gli Elementi d'Oro"  Venice 2001, ITALY

THENETGATE is a corner art gallery-and these Isaac Falconer paintings could be viewed from two tiny Venetian streets.  The 19 computer terminals in this space were set up to display the 19 paintings in the show in rotation, Venice, ITALY

Peter Kanetsky, a colleague from Penn, visiting Venice in 2001.  Standing in front of a commissioned painting at the restaurant Ca' Foscari al Canton-cheek-by-jowl with the University of Venice, Venice, ITALY

Taco Casa Restaurant Mural Paintings 1996, Taco Casa Restaurant Middlesboro Mall, Middlesboro, Kentucky 40965, USA

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